What is your Learning Strategy for Success?

In order to be successful the common paradigm is that you need to hard work, have great habits, and have passion.

Yes all of those are great attributes and common attributes of successful people.  But more fundamental is that successful people were not born smarter than you, they didn’t automatically know information that other didn’t know. They didn’t create anything from nothing.

Like you each person has had to learn how to be successful. 

Before these people developed a work ethic and developed highly effective habits they created internal learning strategies.

What is learning strategy?

A learning strategy is your plan to obtain, reframe and consume information to aid you in supporting your system for achieving or overall aim. 

Here is a representation of my learning strategy over the last year.

 learning strategy for success


Does it take one book to make you successful?  Is it several books and then a learning strategy?

What is your book order?


As I research learning strategies for success I’m perplexed by these questions:

·         Why do some people learn faster, learn more and apply that learning to create products, thoughts and business that change the world?

·         How does passion and grit play into learning?

·         What is the foundation for learning how to be successful? 

·         Can you learn when to pivot from failure?


What is your learning strategy?



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