.com Cowboy Blogisode 1.1

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Episode theme song.  https://youtu.be/OShZcOSUivU


The real JP Sears talking biz.    https://youtu.be/OJ-ELYdxmHE

bonus clip:


Scene 1

INT: 1pm Office of People Engagement Technologies Corporation (PEC) in the conference room.

Ateam cast

All team members are present in the conference room as JP starts his presentation: Spiritual healing and corporate strategy.


“Hi, I’m JP, I am a life slash corporate coach.  I’m here at the request of Beth. I hear that your software Poke.com is in need of healing and direction.


I’m going to use PowerPoint.

One of the things I like about PowerPoint is that it gives you power and the ability to point during a presentation.  With that power it gives you energy, and when you have energy you have the ability to work effectively.”

Advancing to the next PowerPoint slide.



“Let’s look at the word strategy.  The first part is ‘Strat’, basically straddling between where you are and where you want to be. This is like a yoga position and then the last part of the word is ‘Gee’.  Like Gee I really got there. Sometimes it burns as you reach for a strategy.

Having a strategy means you have a complete puzzle. Here are the pieces:


Where are we now?

·         We are in a conference room with me and we are learning.

Where are we going?

·         I’m not sure what your plans are after this corporate healing session, but I’m going to a bar or maybe a park.

How will we get there?

·         I didn’t drive today, so if I could get a ride that would awesome.”


JP advances to next slide



“Plans are natural but not always tasty, like tofu.  When you have a plan you can be successful in 4 categories.  I didn’t label these because if label these, then you can’t own them.”

Ruby looks at Tina with a questing expression.

JP advances to next slide



“One thing to understand about plans is if they fail all you need to do is say that that your plan helped you fail forward.   We learn so much more from failure rather than success. If a problem occurs and ruins your plan you can say my plan is to fail forward. By saying that, it turns your failed plan into a successful plan and that is how I win.”

Rolling up the projector screen JP exposes the wall behind the screen.


 “I took a few billable hours and wrote out an example plan on the white board.” 



“That’s not a white board.”


“Is this permanent ink?”




“Remember there are no accidents. And I just failed, but that’s okay to be a failure.  Look I’m still getting paid for this session and that is really a win for me and for you.”

Pulling down the screen he goes back to the PowerPoint.



“The list below describes a strategic plan in the order that you need to create it.

Mission statement:

For example you could say Poke.com is like Uber.  Most concepts are like Uber and that makes it more important and believable to your investors.

Vision statement:

Poke.com is the Uber of poking sites.  That is a vision that makes other vision statements look weak.  You should always try to dominate your vision statement against other vision statements.

Values statement or guiding principles:

We say what matters when it matters and when it matters we can monetize it.


SWOT Stands for Success, Wasn’t Over Today.



“I think SWOT is an acronym that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?”


“That is great to own it, change the words to make sense to you. Good job.

Next Competitive advantage:

The Poke Uber does it better than others.

Long-term strategic objectives:

In three years we will have more customers and thus more pokers.


We are going to poke more and harder.  That is how we win.”

The groups become visibly puzzled and bemused.


“Short-term goals/priorities/initiatives:

Today and next week people are going to talk about Poke.com. They will be called pokers.”


“Okay we need to shut this down JP.”


JP stands next to the screen not knowing what to do. 


“Okay team let’s get back to work.”




I’m not sure what that fellar was talking about.  He seems a few trucks short of a convoy to me.   While Stetson is in Wyoming the group is coming to terms with their new reality and coming to terms with the failures that got them into the mess they are in. No one likes to talk about your failures and faults.  But if you’re going to learn from them you have to own it.  Failure doesn’t mean you’re completely right or completely wrong. In fact failure has no meaning until you give it meaning. 

Failing was how the West was tamed.  Learning form failure was how the West was won. 


–End Episode–

Credits song:  Convoy


Remember the laugh track is in your imagination:newlogo-b

What is .com Cowboy? Learn more here



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