.com Cowboy



What is .com Cowboy?

.com Cowboy is a new kind of blog.  A Sitcom Blog is designed to read like a script, feel like a TV sitcom, and look like a blog.

What you will experience?

.com Cowboy is Sitcom Blog fused with entertainment, authentic self-help and solid business practices acted out by fictional characters driving the plot as they confront real and relevant problems.

Who is the .com Cowboy?

In just one line:

Instantly wealthy cowboy becomes majority shareholder and president of a failing startup in Silicon Valley and uses his horse sense to get the company back on track.

The Studio Pitch:

Beverly Hillbillies meets The Office with the cowboy version of Tony Robbins.


Stetson Roundy, a Wyoming cowboy, wins the lottery and becomes an instant multi-millionaire. While drinking in a bar with a New York broker on vacation in Jackson Hole, Roundy gets a stock tip but mixes up the stock exchange symbol and mistakenly invests in a failing startup in Silicon Valley.  With the stock price so low, Roundy receives a letter informing him that he is now the majority stakeholder.

With rodeo season winding down in Wyoming, Roundy decides to travel to Silicon Valley to check in on his investment.  With letter in hand from Norman Peal, the chairman of the board, he arrives at his mansion in Beverly Hills.  Roundy is oblvious to the fact that Peals’ assets are being seized and he is under indictment from the FBI.

Roundy asks about his company and how he can help. Seeing a scapegoat Peals offers Roundy full control.  Roundy then meets the small group of people that run People Engagement Technologies Corporation (PEC), and gets a demo of their flagship software product called “Poke.”

With best intentions and a high douse of folksy cowboy wisdom, Stetson Roundy wrangles the unlikely and eccentric team together and helps them rebuild the company.

The company’s cast of characters runs the gambit from the burn out, intelligent but unheard, lazy, cynical, the over eager people pleaser and the eccentric dreamer.  Roundy surreptitiously resets the culture and empowers the team to work hard, dream big and feel in control. Along the way the team learns about themselves, about life, work, love and play.

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Meet the cast:

Stetson Roundy: Atypical cowboy from Wyoming but he hides it well.  With a college degree in business and 10 years’ experience running his father’s cattle ranch he does know a thing or two and solves problem with good old horse sense, humor and strong belief in people.  Stetson has lived off the grid for most of his life and doesn’t know a lot about technology.  Stetson hasn’t had much exposure to mass media and the LA culture.

Think Jed Clampett from The Beverly Hillbillies sitcom and self-help guru Tony Robins.

Casting Call:


Luke Hemsworth


Jesse Bradford


Kip Pardue


Matt Lanter


Beth Comstock: President of People Engagement Technologies Corporation (PEC), smart, and driven but too much of a workaholic who has just had her big break taken away from her by Stetson.  Beth is divorced and has one child, a teenage son.  Beth can be an optimist if things are going her way but falls apart when things don’t.  She hides her fears and control issues from her peers.

After the turbulence of the new work situation subsides she finds herself attracted to Stetson.

Think Diane Chambers from Cheers sitcom.

Casting Call:

jen Kirkman

Jen kirkman


Sarah Shahi


Jennifer Taylor


Ruby Sanchez: Product Manager. Ruby is an eternal optimist with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor. She wants everyone to get along and have good team dynamics.  She is a people pleaser and while she seems to always agree with Beth she secretly agrees more with Ramsey but understands the way forward is to draft behind Beth and support girl power.

Think Grace Adler from Will and Grace sitcom.

Casting Call:


Tiya Sircar


Marliela Lusha


Genevieve Padalecki


Ramsey Norris:  Director of Operations, sees himself as second in command.  He earned an MBA from Harvard is always ready to tell you about it. Ramsey is responsible, stable and works hard but so arrogant that he is off putting.  Seeing himself as the Sage and deserving successor to Beth his strategy is to second guess every decision and only offer support after his point of view is heard.  He earns new value to the group by translating Cowboy speak into actionable self-help and business strategy.

Think Dwight Schrute from The Office sitcom.

Casting Call:


Spencer Breslin


Max Minghella


Ryan Cartwright


Sendhil Ramamurthy


Tim Lee:  Lead programmer. Tim is often neurotic and insecure but filters those tendencies out through intelligence. He can make leaps in logic and can process all possible outcomes at once, which can be overwhelming causes him to freak out!

People avoid him when he is stressed.

Think Niles Crane on Frasier sitcom.

Casting Call:


Paul Danso


Josh Brener


Ken leung


Marvin Gay: Lead Sales.  Marvin hates is name and is quick to point out that he is both African American and is gay.  In the office he is a cynical wisecracker but turns on the charm in a Barry White way when he makes a sales call. Marvin is quick to dive one-liners, is rarely emotional or serious. His role is to poke fun at other characters and bring comedic relief in serious situations.

Think Robert Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond and Carla Lebec/Carla Tortelli from Cheers sitcom.

Casting Call:


Donald Faison

M jordan

Michael B. Jordan

Michael Ealy.jpg

Michael Ealy


Jerrod Carmichael


Daryl Mitchell



Tina:  Customer Support. Tina is innocent, sweet, lovable, and pure as the driven snow. Although naïve others trust her instinctively.

Think Pam Beesly from The Office sitcom.

Casting Call:


Victoria Justice


Shannon Woodward

Katie L.jpg

Katie Leclerc

Lauren A.jpg

Lauren Ambrose

jordon h.jpg

Jordan Hinson


Garrett Wang: Solutions Engineer.   He’s a Player.  He lives in pursuit of just one thing: sex with no strings attached.  The opposite of Tina.

Think Samantha Jones in Sex and the City sitcom

Casting Call:


Ezra Miller


Justin Chon


Tobit Raphael


David Smith: Finance / Accounting – What no one knows is that David Smith, AKA Vinny is in witness relocation.  He was an accountant for the mob. David is a rebel with a God complex. He thinks he can do anything he wants and get away with it.

Think Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton on “Nurse Jackie.”

Casting Call:

anthony m.jpg

Anthony Mangano

joseph m.jpg

Joseph Mazzello

matt d

Matt Dellapina

david K.jpg

David Krumholtz


Aiden Hawk: Associate Solutions Engineer.  A millennial archetype, entitled, lazy but brilliant.

Think Tom Haverford, Parks and Recreation sitcom.

Casting Call:


Ansel Elgort


Noah Galvin


Simon:  Office Manager.  Simon is in love with Tina. He is dimwitted and a buffoon that is socially inept with often iffy intentions.

Think Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy on “Modern Family.”

Casting Call:


Lucas Neff

Jon Krakenauer:  Tech geek.  An eccentric surfer type.

Think Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay on “Friends.”

Casting Call:


Rich Sommer


Norman Peal:  ex chairman of the board. Now on the run.

Think George Bluth from Arrested Development.

Casting Call:

jeffery t.jpg

Jeffrey Tambor


Robert Picardo



Rex Roundy:  Stetsons Father. The logical smart one – responsible, stable.

Casting Call:


Robert Taylor

tom b

Tom Berenger


Brett Cullen


Stacy Keach



Ted Roundy: Stetson’s Brother. The materialistic one – judgmental, entitled, spoiled.

Casting Call:

craig s.jpg

Craig Sheffer


Tate Donovan


Giovanni Ribisi



Babette Roundy: Stetson’s Mother. In her own universe (AKA “Spacy Spice”) – odd, eccentric, uses illogical logic.

Casting Call:


Reba McEntire

laurie Met

Laurie Metcalf


#1 Seek To Understand Before Being Understood

#1.1 Spiritual Healing and Corporate Strategy

#2 Failure is Good

#3 Innovation is Hard

#4 People first – What is a Leader




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