Is There A New Way Of Blogging?

A few months ago I think inspiration came knocking on my brain pan.  The result was a new blog format that I haven’t seen before. This type of blog may be an original idea or it may have been tried before with disasters results and thus hidden away in the virtual attic of the internet. 

What I created is called a Sitcom Blog.

history of sitcom

A Sitcom Blog has the construct of a sitcom, in blog format. It is designed to read like a sitcom script, feel like a TV sitcom, but look like a blog.

There are some distinct characteristics of a Sitcom Blog that if balanced correctly should be both visually and verbally engaging as the reader reconstructs the scenarios and sequences in their own minds as they read.   

The Sitcom Blog format is used to facilitate reader engagement as they reconstruct the ambiance of each scene internally while reading a familiar sitcom story and plot structure.  As with any sitcom the high level story arch and character discovery and development is manifest through each is episode or in this case a blogisode.  By intent each blogisode is small in plot and copy length. The story arch is designed to be engaging and relevant over the life span of the blogisodes within the series and season.   


As an example, rather than continue on in typical blog format, let’s jump to a small scene within a blogisode in Sitcom Blog format.



Scene 4


Int. Shane stands at the lectern in front of the Untied Blogger Association defending his sitcom blog format as the question and answer portion starts.

A rowdy voice from the background pierces the auditorium.

“Why not just post a script and not mess with this sitcom format?


“The pure technical nature of a sitcom script format is not palatable for the average blog reader.  The typical length of a sitcom script is 20 to 40 pages with a least two subplots. I don’t think people want to read full scripts in blog or script format.  The typical blog length is three pages long. A Sitcom Blog must small, engaging and driven by singular problem or plot.” 

Voice from the back row:

“Sounds stupid.”


“So are you!”

Shane leaves the lectern and storms off the stage.

-End scene


Maybe if I wanted to be more engaging I would embedded a die-hard sequence or some other familiar construct from TV or movies to move the plot along in a thrilling and yet unrealistic way.  Had I expanded the scene it may have revealed a drama or a comedy. However, for the purposes of this blog, this small sample is on point.  

As you read and recognized the scene both in picture format and verbally did you for a few seconds image the auditorium? Did you image the feeling of the room and did you sense the conflict? Did you see yourself there?  Did your mind attach to the narrative within the construct of this dramatic situation?   

Does this have power?  It is engaging?

To see a complete blogisode look at my launch page and my first blogisode at under the com Cowboy link. 


Please let me know what you think. 

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