How The Solar Eclipse Didn’t Change Me

I didn’t believe all the hype before I made arrangements to see the solar eclipse.  So much of what others say is cool, can turn out to be a letdown.


For the last 8 months as my wife and I planned for the solar eclipse and to be within the totality zone. I was excited for the possibility that this experience would change me or change my perspective.  My expectations were further encouraged by a Ted Talk, by David Baron, “You owe it to yourself to experience a total solar eclipse.” 

This self-admitted eclipse evangelist sold the experience very well.   


Did it live up to the hype?

The eclipse was all of this and more and also less.


Perhaps only a misanthrope would not find pleasure, reflection and galactic perspective in this event.  I did find awe and I enjoyed the experience.  It was unforgettable and it would have been regrettable if I would have missed it.

But like all events in life, if you are burden with problems, problems that are a result of circumstances that are either within or outside of your control, those problems can eclipse your ability see life in its full measure.  Indeed, most of our potential, our happiness and momentum is eclipsed by our limited perspective. 

There are perhaps many more metaphors and lessons one could draw from experiencing the totality of the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. 


What is my point? 

We can rob ourselves of great experiences if we let the problems of today, those temporary issues, effect the grand scale of our lives. There are forces like the solar eclipse that are greater than our problems and concerns. 

I’ve seen this human phenomenon before, where people simply miss the significant moments in their lives, those pivot points, when everything can change, but they are missed because our problems seem immovable.  

As immovable as the Sun, the Moon and our Earth are, there are times when they align and we have the opportunity to gain meaning from key experiences if we choose to look, reflect and learn.

Maybe next time, if I’m alive, I’ll have a better mindset for the eclipse. Probably not less problems but maybe a better perspective!


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